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1DRR   1 dozen red roses
HRR   1/2 dozen red roses
2DRR   2 dozen red roses
RRF   2 dozen red roses in upgraded urn
3DRR   3 dozen red roses
12Hy   A Dozen Roses with Hydrangeas
12Stock   A Dozen Roses with Stock
AOM-12   Arrangement of the month/12 months
AOM-6   Arrangement of the Month/6 months
BH   Bountiful Harvest
PCU   Carnations* in white urn
CZP   Crazy for Purple
DCC   Designer's Choice Centerpiece
EGM   European dish garden/medium.
FBB   Fall Basket
GLC   Garden of Life
hda   Half Dozen with alstromeria
IMC   In Memory
ELEP   It's a Girl!
LC   Large Centerpiece
LDC   Large Designer's Choice
LEG   Large European dish garden.
LSM   Large Fall Mix- Designer's Choice
LPW   Large pink and white funeral spray
LRW   large red and white funeral spray
MC   Medium Centerpiece
MSA   Medium Fall Arrangement- Designer's Choice
MSU   Mixed Arrangment in white urn
MPS   Mixture of pastel in medium urn
PTW   Peaceful Thoughts
PIP   Pretty in Pinks
REX   Rose Extravaganza
ROF   Rose of the month/3 months
ROM6   Rose of the month/6 months
SSS   Serentity
SC   Small Centerpiece
SSM   Small Fall Mixture- Designer Choice
SDG   Succulent Dish Garden
SD   Sunny Days
SB   Sweetheart Bouquet
TYMM   Thank you Mom!
TB   Thanksgiving Blessings
TT3   Thanksgiving Tablescape
TOYM   Thinking of You Mom
TAG   Tulips and Gerberas
VMS   Vibrant, colorful mixture in large white urn.
WFS   White flower funeral spray
WFU   White flowers in white urn
WHH   White Hydrangeas
TYM   You're the Best!

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